Spirituality and buying proper viagra Business New age nonsense or a clue to strategy?

Spirituality and Business

New age nonsense or a clue to strategy?


In the quest to viagra cheap no prescrip make business life more meaningful, organizations are now looking to see how they can enhance spirituality in the workplace. A recent article in the International Journal of Business and Management outlined five pathways for the development of spirituality in business: 1) organizational culture; (2) organization's mission, vision; (3) leadership; (4) human resource development; and, (5) organization structure and job design 1. Why might you make a business more spiritual? What does brain science have to do with this?

Spirituality essentially allows one to have a feeling of connectedness with people, and this connectedness has profound implications in the workplace. One important implication is that spiritual connectedness connects business with customers through enhancing an awareness of corporate social responsibility 2. Another study found that spiritual intelligence in teachers has been found to increase job satisfaction 3. In China, 

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